School and center of cultural integration between Great Britain and Brazil.

Project Type:
Commercial, renovation, interior design, english school.

Technical Sheet:Ā 
Location: Floriano Peixoto, 303 – Jardim Blumenau – Blumenau/SC
Built area: 787,76 mĀ²
Project year: 2018
Year Completed: 2018

ā€œGuedes Arquitetura managed to embellish the old mansion at Floriano Peixoto Street without losing what the house already had. The result was a beautiful, modern and creative project by using what the house already had available. Congratulations to everyone in the team, who helped us in this project and remained basically 24 hours on call to support us.ā€

Carla Nolli, principal of the ā€œCultura Inglesaā€ English school, Blumenau/SC branch.