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Bookstore, stationery and cafeteria in Shopping Center.

Project Type:
Commercial, retail, store in shopping center, interior and facade.

Project Details:
Location: Shopping Park Europeu, L-1071/1093. Rodovia Paul Fritz Kuehnrich, 1600 – Itoupava Norte – Blumenau-SC
Built area: 716,08 m²
Project year: 2017
Year Completed: 2017
Photos: Sergio Tormes

‚ÄúWith the expansion project of Blulivro Bookstore in the Shopping Mall Park Europeu, we launched three challenges for Guedes Arquitetura: the first one was to plan a mega-store, where we could adequately and attractively exhibit the whole range of products we chose to work with. The second one was to design a cozy space so that Blulivro could be the only Bookstore in Blumenau with Cafeteria service. The third one and not least challenge was to design a room to relocate the company‚Äôs entire administration office. The team of Guedes Arquitetura embraced the project and did everything creatively, accurately and surprisingly!‚ÄĚ

Guilherme Ademar Pedri, director of the Blulivro network. Blumenau/SC.