“Work done with professionalism, dedication and excellence, within the stipulated time frame and considering all the concepts of the quality standard imposed by the brand. Congratulations, thank you is in order.”

Lissiane Tavares, Architect at Cinépolis in Brazil.

“The commitment of Guedes Arquitetura was essential to achieve our goals, demonstrated excellent interaction with the team and a good experience in international projects. This coupled with the quality of the material delivered and the assertiveness of what was proposed led us to an excellent final result. ”

Gabriel Zapparoli, Lead Consultant, Scanton US Design Specifications

“We’ve got to know Guedes Arquitetura, particularly Liana, early in the development of the Shopping Mall Park Europeu. We had the opportunity and the fortune to count on her creative ideas and solutions that added, at the same time, modernity and comfort to the enterprise, without giving up the cost-effectiveness of the construction. Her work took place in all stages of the construction site, from the licensing until the final decoration and application for the Legal Permit, and it did not stop there. With the recognition of their excellent work, Guedes Arquitetura kept participating since then until nowadays of several projects of stores and improvements in the same shopping mall. For all this, we always keep our special thanks to Liana Guedes. We will certainly count on Guedes Arquitetura for future works.”

Leonardo Neves Bussinger, CEO of Shopinvest Empreendimentos, Desenvolvimento e Gestão de Shopping Centers (Shopinvest Undertaking, Development and Management of Shopping Malls). Rio de Janeiro-RJ.

“Guedes Arquitetura managed to embellish the old mansion at Floriano Peixoto Street without losing what the house already had. The result was a beautiful, modern and creative project by using what the house already had available. Congratulations to everyone in the team, who helped us in this project and remained basically 24 hours on call to support us.”

Carla Nolli, principal of the “Cultura Inglesa” English school, Blumenau/SC branch.

“We were very satisfied with the service provided by Guedes Arquitetura. It is a highly committed and dedicated team. Their concern with every detail is reflected in the final outcome of the works.”

Paola Mazzaferro Gilmet Kratz, Product manager, Copa&Cia factory in Blumenau/SC.

“Everything we’ve done so far was thinking on evolution without neglecting our principles, values and view. We are very happy for having as our partner Guedes Arquitetura, who managed to perform a great work on the evolution of Molina Calçados. An effective and elegant work. They managed to successfully carry out an innovating project by understanding and executing every detail with mastership. Thanks to Liana Guedes and her team. We will be always grateful for the great work!”

Vilmar José Gorges Junior, chairman of the Molina Calçados network, Indaial/SC.

“With the expansion project of Blulivro Bookstore in the Shopping Mall Park Europeu, we launched three challenges for Guedes Arquitetura: the first one was to plan a mega-store, where we could adequately and attractively exhibit the whole range of products we chose to work with. The second one was to design a cozy space so that Blulivro could be the only Bookstore in Blumenau with Cafeteria service. The third one and not least challenge was to design a room to relocate the company’s entire administration office. The team of Guedes Arquitetura embraced the project and did everything creatively, accurately and surprisingly!”

Guilherme Ademar Pedri, director of the Blulivro network. Blumenau/SC.

“Guedes Arquitetura surprised us on their ability to offer quick and cost-effective solutions facing the challenges of a refurbishing; they added value to the business, showing themselves as a well known and updated to the market trends. The project here in Curitiba was highly praised, including by critics of the architecture segment. It is very gratifying and enriching to work with a fast, dynamic and up-to-date team. A success! Thank you!.”

Simone Koltun Alves, chairlady of the retail store network Empório São José, Curitiba/PR..

“We were very pleased with the architectural service that Guedes Arquitetura executed on the construction of our house. We wanted a large, airy and well-lighted house with solutions for various daily issues. The house turned out to be greater than our initial expectation, and we could understand that everything needed its place. Now, all we need to do is to enjoy our asset.”

Roosevelt dos Santos, residential customer Blumenau/SC.

“Excellent service, competence and creativity in the development and execution of commercial warehouse projects. I congratulate the team of Guedes Arquitetura for the constant search for improvement and quality of its services.”.

Jackson Furlan, businessperson and investor.